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The Chicago Tribune building, (background) graces the skyline along with the Wrigley Building (foreground). The Wrigley Building was Chicago's first air-conditioned office building.

  Daniel Burnam
From the Rookery to the Columbian Exposition to his visionary Chicago Plan, Burnam elevated the way we look at Chicago.
  William Le Baron Jenney
The first to look skyward for prime real estate.
  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Ludwig Mies van der RoheChampion of skin and bones architecture, he believed: "Less is more." He designed 45 Chicago buildings that the world imitated.
  Louis Sullivan
He coined the phrase, "Form ever follows function," and is known as a father of the "Chicago School."
  Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd WrightOak Park's favorite son and founder of the Prairie style designed more than 150 buildings from his Chicago studio.
Architecture Featured Articles:
25 Landmarks25 Landmarks 333 Wacker Drive, Aon Center, Art Institute of Chicago, Auditorium Building, Bank One Building, Carson Pirie Scott Building, Chicago Board of Trade Building, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago Federal Center, Field Museum, Glessner House, Harold Washington Library Center, John G. Shedd Aquarium, John Hancock Centery...
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SkyscrapersSkyscrapers In the years after the Great Fire of 1871, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, a boom of innovative architecture remade Chicago. In the wake of the tragedy, that consumed 17,450 buildings, local architects bravely responded by giving modern civilization a classically American invention: the skyscraper. The ingenuity of Chicago's architects readily combined with new technologies - including metal skeletal construction, elevators...
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BridgesBridges Acity built on a river requires bridges, and Chicago's are spectacular. There are plenty of them, too - more moveable bridges, in fact, than any other city in the world. The creme de la bridge is usually considered the Michigan Avenue Bridge, which was built in 1920. The design was based on the Seine River bridges in Paris and was executed by Chicago bridge engineer...
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Gathering SpacesGathering Spaces Chicago is noted for the beautiful architecture of its houses of worship. While the list is way too massive to name them all, many are worth mentioning. Indeed, some of the most beautiful Catholic churches in America are found in Chicagoland. St. Paul Roman Catholic Church in Chicago's Douglas Park area was designed by...
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The Chicago SchoolThe Chicago School It is one thing to design beautiful buildings; but it is much more to design a style recognized by architecture scholars worldwide. That, however, is exactly what a group of Chicago architects did at the turn of the 20th century. Young mavericks such as Daniel Burnham, Dankmar Adler, John Root, and Louis Sullivan developed what is known a...
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