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Doing Business in the Windy CityDoing Business in the Windy City It would be hard to imagine any city with a more advantageous location for business than Chicago. Since its inception, the City of the Big Shoulders has proven to be a crucial link between the forests and mines to the north, the farms of the heartland, the coal fields to the south, and the urban population centers of the East Coast.
With a foundation of more than 150 years of bringing people together...
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Retail & RestaurantRetail & Restaurant When Ol' Blue Eyes sang "State Street, that great street," he was merely acknowledging a fact: downtown Chicago was then, as now, the quintessential American shopping district. In fact, by the time Sinatra crooned those words, Chicago was well into its second century as a retail mecca.
Consider this: Chicago gave the world Sears...
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Business ServicesBusiness Services Chicago is "the city that works." It's no accident that more than half-a-million businesses call Chicagoland home; and it's no surprise that more and more businesses choose to relocate to the Windy City each year. When Boeing Corporation recently moved its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago, the reason was simple: of all the cities wooing the giant aerospace company, Chicago worked...
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Commercial Real EstateCommercial Real Estate In his beloved book On the Mississippi, Mark Twain wrote, "It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago . . . Chicago is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time." Yet even the occasional visitor must be astounded by the fact that the Windy City, in less than a century, grew exponentially from a town of a few hundred souls into one of the world's largest cities...
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FoodFood Of the countless blessings that Chicagoans are grateful for, perhaps the greatest is that the city shows no signs of going hungry soon. Nestled comfortably on Lake Michigan at the gate of America's heartland, Chicago has ample access to the ingredients for nearly any meal: water, grain, corn, beef - just about anything that midwest farmers choose to grow or raise. These raw ingredients combine with a hard-work ethic and spectacular transportation facilities to give Chicago the provisions to feed themselves...
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FinanceFinance The rise of Chicago as one of the world's great cities was inextricably tied to the development of financial institutions and exchanges in the mid-19th Century. With unparalleled access to commodities, natural resources, and sophisticated transportation networks, the business leaders of early Chicago were instrumental in creating the mechanisms by which capital could be readily accessed and injected into the American marketplace. Without these financial innovations, Chicago...
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EntrepreneursEntrepreneurs Ray Kroc built a trillion-dollar enterprise, initiated a global phenomenon, and spawned hundreds of imitators with a little restaurant named McDonald's. And he did it from Chicago. Kroc, like so many other local entrepreneurs, was more of an innovator than an originator. He took a good idea from a San Diego restaurant and made a phenomenal story. He is just one in a long line of Chicago entrepreneurial greats...
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ManufacturingManufacturing The International Manufacturing Technology Show is the largest gathering of manufacturers in North America. It is universally regarded as the premier trade show for manufacturers around the world and is considered to be a must-appear event for those who would remain competitive. The trade show only occurs once every two years - and when it does, it happens in Chicago...
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