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The Chicago Bears have always known that the best offense is a good defense. Here, a Green Bay Packers wide receiver is gang-tackled at Soldier Field.

  Michael Jordan
Michael JordanNo one hawks merchandise like MJ. No one three-peats like him, either.
  Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown
Mordecai This right hander won 29 games for the Cubs in 1908, their last championship season and also won a cool nickname.
  Bobby "The Golden Jet" Hull
Bobby Playing left wing for the Blackhawks through the '60s his slapshot was clocked at 120 mph. Opposing teeth didn't stand a chance.
  Knute Rockne
 Knute RockneBorn in Norway, raised in Chicago, he became the most celebrated coach in college football history and uttered the immortal words, "Win one for the Gipper."
  Johnny Weissmuller
Johnny WeissmullerWith five Olympic golds, this Chicago lad was arguably the best U.S. swimmer in history; and certainly the best Tarzan.
Sports & Recreation Featured Articles:
Recreational SportsRecreational Sports he world knows that Chicago loves to cheer on their sports teams. But since the days of Civil War-era horse races and street-corner boxing, denizens of the city have never been content to sit on the sidelines. Instead, they've always shown a penchant for jumping into the fray. Today, Chicago offers a bewildering array of opportunities for competitors - including...
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College SportsCollege Sports In a world of multi-million dollar contracts and corporate sponsorships, it's easy to forget that it is, after all, only a game. Luckily, there are over thirty local colleges and universities fielding teams in Chicagoland to remind us. Whether it's top-flight women's soccer at Wheaton or track-and-field at Harper-badminton to wrestling, Chicago has a full year of college sports on tap. Interest reaches a crescendo...
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BasketballBasketball It is easy to have a one-word name if you opt for something unusual like "Sting" or "Madonna." Not so easy, though, if your name is Michael. Yet that is exactly what Michael Jordan accomplished in his tenure with the Chicago Bulls, during which they won an unprecedented six World Championships in an eight-year period. The Bulls, of course, have been a fixture...
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FootballFootball When Carl Sandburg dubbed Chicago "The City of the Big Shoulders," you have to wonder if he had the Chicago Bears in mind. From the days of Bronko Nagurski and "The Monsters of the Midway" to '80s fan-favorite Refrigerator Perry...
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BaseballBaseball Hope springs eternal each April as diehard Cubs fans once again converge on the friendly confines of Wrigley Field in an effort to cheer their beloved team on to victory. Baseball purists agree there's no better place to see a game; and it's easy to see why. The ivy-covered walls, daytime games, and hand-operated scoreboard...
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HockeyHockey When the cold winds blow down from the Canadian prairie signaling the start of winter, the toughest Chicagoans don't fret. Instead, they zip up their parkas and head straight for the United Center to watch their beloved Blackhawks lace up their skates. The Blackhawks take their name from a crack battalion of machine-gunners in World War I (nicknamed the "Blackhawk Division," after...
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