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1201 Pratt Boulevard | Elk Grove, IL 60007-5746 | www.laco.com
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LA-CO Industries

LA-CO Industries began back in 1934 when its founder saw a need to mark steel with something other than liquid paint. “My great uncle, a chemist and consultant in the steel industry, came up with the idea of putting paint in a stick,” says Dan Kleiman, third generation owner and current executive chairman of the board. Today, LA-CO Industries is a family-owned global manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing of industrial hand-held markers, temperature indicators, plumbing chemicals, and livestock identification products.

LA-CO’s brands of high-quality and high-performance marking products include Markal which is used in metal production, shipbuilding, and automotive assembly, as well as in other industries like welding, metal fabrication, and building construction. Benjamin Kleiman, a member of the family’s fourth generation and current director of marketing says, “Our primary focus is markers for industry. Our products work in places such as warehouses and steel mills. They also help in building things like bridges, ships, automobiles, homes, and even power plants.”

Along with Markal, the company is known for its All-Weather brand, products used for herd management, and its Tempil brand, which offers advanced and accurate temperature indication technologies. LA-CO’s products are sold in over 70 countries. “At any given time, our products are being used in places like Malaysia, Singapore, China, the Ukraine, Poland, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Australia, and everywhere in between,” notes Benjamin Kleiman. LA-CO’s present success as well as its future growth is all about “spending time with the customer and finding out what they need,” says Dan.

“Our motto is Right For The Job,” adds Benjamin. “If a product doesn’t perform, the customer can’t do his job. Our products, which are tools for communication, must be right for the job. We aim to ensure that the products we sell work the first time they are needed and that they are right for the customer every time.”