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580 Lively Boulevard | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.amcraftindustrialcurtainwall.com
AmCraft Manufacturing, Inc.


AmCraft Manufacturing, Inc. was founded and built on the extraordinary vision of Mark Deutsch. At the age of 18, when other teenagers may have been contemplating what to major in at their chosen university, Mark was driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that ran deeply in his core. He purchased part of a business repairing shoes and leather goods, teaching himself how to sew and fix machines along the way.

Mark’s passion for building things, along with his innate curiosity about the design and engineering process, spoke directly to his “inner manufacturer” and led him down the path to focus more on creating functional items that fulfill a need across a larger scale.

Driven by an awareness of the changing market, Mark sold the retail portion of his business and concentrated solely on manufacturing goods made out of vinyl, specifically PCA Hoses for the aviation industry. However, AmCraft’s product offerings soon expanded to include backdrop curtains for indoor tennis facilities, which then quickly evolved to manufacturing industrial curtain walls for a vast number of industries.

Today, in addition to manufacturing PCA Hoses, Single Layer, Thermo-Block Insulated and Acoustic Industrial Curtain Walls and Baffles; AmCraft offers in-house sewing contractor services producing custom products including: POP upholstered display benches, padded seating and wall panels for luxury retail stores, safety cushions for driving ranges within the golf industry, protective covers, canvas tarpaulins, insulated bags, medical cushions and more!