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2300 Arthur Ave. | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.crexpressincil.com

Founded in 1999 by Carlos Rosales, CR Express, Inc. is an international trucking company that prides itself on superior air-ocean housing, storage, and transportation services. Starting as an independent contractor, the company developed quickly due to their commitment and innovative approach towards business.


Born and raised in Chicago, Rosales has always held ambition towards owning and operating his own business. Cathy Buss, manager of CR points out that, “Rosales has always understood that simply buying more trucks and adding customers isn’t what creates sustainable growth. He carefully built a strong company infrastructure before he needed it. Coupled with the necessary financial investment this nurtured healthy growth of CR exponentially.” Rosales says, “We have consistently grown about 50% per year.” He adds, “Ocean freight is becoming nearly half of our company.” The entrepreneurial spirit for growth never stops. Buss says, “Once they accomplish one goal, there is already another goal for the future.”

A commitment of providing valuable service is what sets CR apart. CR is proactive in quickly resolving any issues should they come up —however, their initial strategy is to avoid conflict altogether by upholding the mechanical performance of all vehicles. “Training and precautionary measures are held to the highest standards to ensure the safety and ease of all drivers,” says Rosales. Liability is an important consideration when handling hazardous material. With one-hundred and twenty workers operating a ninety truck fleet, there is no room for error. From hooking and unhooking trailers, to entering and exiting the trucks, CR has worked tirelessly to answer the technological demands of the business world as it may benefit not only their employees, but simultaneously, the satisfaction of customers.

Looking ahead, CR hopes to continue to expand and diversify itself. Having already outgrown previous warehouse space, an ongoing goal includes accessing and operating out of a second location outside of Chicago. Just as Rosales has established a livelihood for himself, he encourages and supports the success of his employees beyond CR Express. When working for CR, there are no limitations hindering your growth or potential to thrive. As Rosales would say, “dream big, work hard.”

CR Express Inc. is well known for the formation and preservation of genuine, personal relationships. Each interaction begins with a handshake. “When the phone rings, it is not picked up by a receptionist, you speak to us directly,” Rosales says. Buss adds, “We are interested in long term relationships and take the time to make sure that each customer is treated properly. If we treat one customer as they want to be treated, then they will tell someone else, ‘You need to call CR Express.’”