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950 Morse Avenue | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.duratrack.com


Duratrack, Inc. began in 1949 when founder Dewey Scott needed to deliver product by truck in tight spaces. Russ Scott, the current (and third-generation) president of the company explains, “A lot of alleys weren’t wide enough for the truck doors to swing open. My grandfather realized that a sliding door that stays within the truck frame could solve the problem.” Today, Duratrack is a leading manufacturer of custom metal fabrications and overhead track and trolley systems. “In addition to our product lines for our track and trolley applications, we provide custom metal blanking, stamping, laser cutting, and forming, as well as precision CNC turning and screw machining,” says Scott.

Eventually, Duratrack moved to a facility in Elk Grove Village. After some aggressive equipment purchases and expanded in-house fabrication, the company needed more space. In the mid 90’s it relocated to a 30,000 sq. ft. facility in town. During this time of great growth, the company experienced several periods of leadership transition as well. Dewey’s son, Richard, became president in the early ‘70’s, while his son, Russ, took over the job in 1996.

With a focus on meeting commitments, taking personal responsibility and doing what’s right, Duratrack has built a solid reputation in the manufacturing industry. “We place great value on high standards as well as on integrity and authenticity. Over the years we have built trusted relationships with our customers,” says Scott, who understands that a hard-working, caring and committed staff is essential to such relationship-building. “Many of our employees have been with us for a long time. At one point, our average tenure was around 14 years.”

A big reason for such longevity is Scott and the culture he has created. “We all share a very high regard for Russ and for each other as well,” says Customer Service Representative, Kristie Gaspari. Office Manager Terrica Philpot, adds, “We’re like family. I love it here because of my co-workers and the respect with which we are treated.” Robin Taylor sums up her experience at Duratrack this way, “When I’m not here, I’m thinking about the office and how we can do things better because I want to see the company continue to do well.”

As evidenced by the collective mindset of its employees, Duratrack has a bright future, a future full of growth and opportunity. “We want to add structure and equipment to increase our capacity,” says Scott. “We have great employees here and I know that we have to grow the company if we want to properly support them and keep them engaged.”