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220 Bond St. | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.excelcolors.com


Since 1996, Excel Color Corporation has manufactured pigment based colorants for all types of consumer and industrial based products. Bill Osborne founded Excel after seeing an opportunity to provide customized colorants, quickly and efficiently. Its products are used in epoxy and polyurethane paint, silicone and acrylic roof coatings and sealants, polyurethane tool and machine parts, arts and crafts items, printing inks, etc.— anywhere a resin or polymer requires pigmentation.

Once the right pigment and resin combination is identified, Excel blends and mills the mixture into a refined, liquid state with the use of mechanized mortars and pestles. These machines reduce pigment particle size, which, in turn, optimize appearance and physical properties.

Since its inception, Excel has worked closely with Paramount Colors, a neighbor and local importer of organic and inorganic pigments. After several years, Osborne realized his limitations and sold stock to several of Paramount’s partners and Umang Shah, the son of a Paramount employee.

“I wanted partners who shared my values and standards. They fit that role to a tee.”

Umang Shah, a trained architect, is now Excel’s Operations Manager. “Meeting customer deadlines is the greatest challenge we face,” says Shah. “Sometimes a customer calls in the morning and needs product that afternoon. My job is to ensure it gets done.” Osborne adds, “At Excel, we believe in jumping through hoops for our customers. After all, they pay our bills!”