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85 NW Point Blvd | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.mcmachinery.com

Because MC is operated from one of the largest control electric companies in the world, Mitsubishi, quality care is a guaranteed service. MC Machinery Systems, Inc. is committed to forming personal relations with every partner they interact with. A great deal of research and infrastructure has been invested into this company to secure a positive experience for every customer. In fact, MC exercises flexible rates and offers “mac funding” for buyers who are not addressing payments with cash. Taking both their employees and clients into consideration, MC’s new headquarters, located in Elk Grove, provides the space for expansion while simultaneously acknowledging the comfort of local consumers.


In addition to these measures, a field service technician is always available to aid in resolving any issues that may arise. Commonly used in dye and mold making, two main EDM machines operate here. A wire styled machine’s purpose is to manipulate shapes into solid blocks of metal. A sinker machine will involve the use of either graphite or copper electrode that is then plunged into various forms of structure.

Not only is MC Machinery Systems, Inc. the number one leader in market share EDM products throughout North America, it proudly offers what James Barrera describes as a “comprehensive service and after sale support system” to customers across the nation. MC has been establishing electrical discharge systems since the late 70’s and was officially founded in 1978. Bill Isaac, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was the very first employee hired and is now an active authority figure. Although the company is in possession of 15,000 machines, along with handling various pre-owned parts, attention to small detail and customer satisfaction are highly valued. Services such as extended warranty and preventative maintenance contracts are offered to ensure the ease of the purchasing process.