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2525 American Lane | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.sinclairabrasives.com

Sinclair Mineral & Chemical Company is a premier provider of cleaning and finishing equipment and services to the aerospace, automotive, rail, marine and agricultural industries throughout the Midwest. The company’s roots date back to 1954, when Don Sinclair Sr. started the company with his father to provided industrial chemicals to the plating industry. Don Sr. expanded the company to also supply abrasive blasting equipment and became a partner in Universal Finishing Machines in California, that manufactured abrasive blasting equipment for metal finishing industry.


In 1981, the founder’s son, Don Sinclair, Jr., joined the company by starting an abrasive equipment and parts washing division out of his garage in Chicagoland while working as the sales manager for the California based equipment manufacture. The goal was to be a Midwest distributer for the equipment being made in California as well as other brands while still promoting national machine sales for Universal. Eventually, this new venture blossomed to the point where the family transitioned out of the manufacturing business in California to focus exclusively on distributing blasting and parts washing equipment along with the associated parts and supplies across the Midwest.

Don smiles as he reflects how his father often commented that the business had grown much larger than he ever imagined. Today, Sinclair represents more than a dozen blasting machine manufacturers, several lines of parts washing equipment, dust and fume collection solutions and offers a wide variety of abrasives, chemistries and equipment parts. Despite a competitive industry, Sinclair stands out among the competition by providing only premium products and service to distinguish itself and to ensure quality.

In 2001, Sinclair purchased their main competitor, Ryan Equipment & Supply Inc. to offer a more diversified product line to their customers. Sinclair decided to consolidate the two individual facilities in Elk Grove, because of what he considers a “business friendly and strategically placed location.”

Sinclair says, “Through a combination of both product knowledge and our ability to perform onsite testing, we’ve found ways to not only maintain business, but also to prosper during changing business climates.” According to Sinclair, “Our experience and ability to determine what the customer wants and act upon their needs efficiently is essential to our long-term success.”