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145 Joey Drive | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.emmetalfab.com

After 15 years working and getting experience in a metal fabrication company, Milton Moscoso, motivated by his vision and respect for American manufacturing and with the support of his wife, Elva, established E-M Metal Fabricator, in 2004.

While many firms had begun outsourcing their

production and moved manufacturing facilities

overseas, Milton and Elva did not waver in opening a company in the United States. They knew that the

quality of U.S. products would not be matched anywhere in the world. Hence, E-M Metal Fabricator, a custom sheet metal manufacturing company was

established in Elk Grove Village.

After Milton’s passing in 2008, Elva and her daughter Gladys took over operations of E-M Metal Fabricator. Gladys, a US Navy Veteran with a degree in business/finance, shares her father’s vision — respect for American manufacturing and the American dream. Under Gladys’ leadership, E-M Metal doubled in size after just 4 years. This growth, gave them the opportunity to move E-M Metal to a newer and bigger, 12,000 ft2 facility, at 145 Joey Drive in 2012. The leadership team decided to stay in Elk Grove, due to the network of manufacturers in the area. “You can find a supplier just around the corner for any project,” says Gladys who believes Elk Grove is heading to be “The Silicon Valley of Illinois.”

E-M Metal Fabricator is a?one-stop?source for?all your sheet metal?design, fabrication, finishing, and?

assembly needs from start to finish. E-M Metal works with a wide range of materials including: aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and galvanized steel. “Quality is not just a goal; Quality is part of the

manufacturing process of every single part made at E-M Metal.

The female-owned company prides itself on its

flexibility as well as its reliability and excellent customer service. Their unique manufacturing process allows for fast modification and approval. Customers have

the ability to work hand-in-hand with engineering. E-M prides itself in its fast lead times without compromising quality.

E-M Metal Fabricator has a wide range of production demands from prototypes to long production runs. E-M’s manufacturing process is especially advantageous for startups that are constantly trying to innovate and modify their products. E-M also makes it perfect with quick turn around time and for high volume production.

“Work hard, smart, and persistent

and you can achieve your goals in this land of opportunity.”

- Gladys Moscoso

E-M Metal keeps a competitive advantage through investment in new technology and development of their workforce. Reflecting on E-M’s success in Elk Grove, Gladys says, “We’ve taken a lot of risks, but

they have paid off. The United States truly is a land

of dreams.”