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935 Lee Street | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.rainbowcolorsinc.com

Thanks to companies like Rainbow Colors, Inc. the world is more beautiful. Rainbow provides colorant to a variety of polymers that are used in the plastics industry.

Plastics manufacturers use a variety of methods to produce their products including blow molding, injection molding, rotation molding and others. They begin the process with a resin that can be colorized by custom color concentrate provided by Rainbow. The company supplies concentrate, dry color and pre-color blended material. They also provide pigment packs for the concrete industry to use for color.

Company President, Pankaj Patel says, “Our ability to color an assortment of materials makes us stand out. We customize the specifications to meet each client’s needs.” Recent technology allows the color matching to be precise. Major markets served include housing, housewares, cosmetic, and industrial. The final product may be bottles and caps, baskets, jars and lids, cooking utensils, hangers, RV interior parts and a long list of other products. Rainbow offers affordable pricing and good communication with customers to stay competitive.

The company was established in 2008, a time period that most would consider to be one of the riskiest to start a new venture. But, for Rainbow it became a golden opportunity to purchase equipment at a low cost and minimize overhead. Office Manager, Linda Dieboldt says, “Rainbow’s experienced and highly educated technical team makes sure that our formulations provide smooth processing and comply with any regulatory needs.” Dieboldt points out that the young company’s tenacity and hard-work are gaining a name in the industry. Patel says, “For Rainbow, the future looks bright — and colorful.”