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The team at TRAMEC gives customers more than they knew they needed...
2670 United Lane | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.tramecplastics.com

“The key to our success is we do things beyond the norm,” says Cary Moreth, President of Tramec Plastics and Composites (CIM Tech/Kansas Plastics) and Tramec Hill Fastener. Manufacturers of US produced, precision, injection-molded components, Tramec Plastics services Fortune 500 customers supporting the transportation, agriculture, construction and building management (HVAC) markets. Tramec Plastics manufactures parts from engineered polymers, with complex geometries, offering weight and cost benefits when compared to other technologies.“The parts here are very detailed,” Moreth says. “If you were trying to make these parts from steel, you’d be scratching your head about how to get all the features in there.”

Tramec Plastics’ parent company, Tramec Holdings, LLC is a group of companies that make everything from brass fittings, fasteners, tubing, hose assemblies to a multitude of feature rich, engineered products for use in the commercial transportation market. Tramec purchased CIM Tech Plastics, an Elk Grove Village, Illinois business since 1992, to expand its US manufacturing capabilities. “We often combine numerous components into the design of one injection-molded part,” Moreth says. “It reduces the number of components our customers require thus optimizing the overall total cost while improving performance and quality.” Tramec Plastics also performs numerous post molding operations including assembly, printing and ultrasonic welding and can support customers with tool design and 3D prototype capabilities.

Through its talented workforce and investment in state of the art equipment, Tramec is able to produce parts with a best in class price structure achieving selling prices once available only in Asia. “We are creating manufacturing jobs right here in EGV supporting customers that supply products into the automotive, commercial transportation, agricultural and HVAC markets” says Moreth. “This is the heartbeat of America and it is exciting!”

Tramec Holdings has grown organically and through acquisitions made since 2006 by CEO Gary Sullo,

who has increased the company’s revenues tenfold. Tramec has divisions in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey along with warehouses in Texas, California and Ontario Canada. A recent JV and acquisition have expanded our footprint into Australia and broadened our product offerings to support several major end markets.