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3022 Eastrock Ct. | Rockford, IL 61125 | www.header.com

The Derry family’s business acumen and ­commitment to their workforce have allowed them to plant deep roots in Rockford. “We were all born and raised here, so Rockford is clearly home,” said Pat Derry. “One of our goals is to be among the premier employers of this area,” said Bill Derry, chairman of Field Fastener. His brother, Jim, is the company president. “We’ve been able to attract and retain the right type of people. It’s been good for us and it’s allowed us to develop this unique culture,” he said. Some of the Derry family businesses include Rockford Process Control, Field Fastener, and Header Die & Tool, Inc.

Header Die & Tool, Inc.

In 2009, nephew Lucas acquired Header Die and Tool, Inc. from his father Tom, making him the second generation involved in the business. “Header provides tooling for the cold forming industry as well as custom made steel and carbide tooling to customer specifications,” said Lucas. “We are committed to continuous improvement and use our technical expertise to help our customers reduce their overall tooling costs”

A Family That Believes in Community

Pat adds the Derry family is a harmonious one. “We share a value system that involves the way we respect not only each other but the people that work for us,” he said. The Derrys, who supply employment for more than 300 area families, believe in investing in the region with their time as well as ­financial resources. “We all do a significant amount of volunteer work with various local organizations.”