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649 Chase Avenue | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.profinish.com

“When I first started, detail shops and hand car washes were few and far between,” says Kevin Griffin, president and owner of Pro Finish, a manufacturer and distributor of car cleaning products, equipment and supplies.

While on sales calls to car washes, he pitched his products by explaining what detailing is and why they should do it. “Washing a car is more than just soap and water. To do it right you need to offer full-service detailing by providing such services as buffing, waxing, interior cleaning and tire dressing.”

They added detailing to their businesses and Pro Finish took off. Each of Pro Finish’s products can be used a dozen ways, lessening the amount of inventory customers have to carry.

Griffin founded Pro Finish in 1991, with a desk and one truck from the basement of his parent’s home and now owns a fleet of trucks and the Pro Finish building in Elk Grove. “You always have to think of the next step,” Griffin says. “Where else can I go? What else can I do in this industry?” He found the answer in industrial floor cleaners, a new line he created for his neighbors in the business park who asked for it. “Our floor cleaner is biodegradable, safe for machines and it’s a lower price than our competitors’,” he says. “I focus on what’s important to my customer and how can I make them better. Once I do that, sales follow.”