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1950 Estes Ave. | Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 | www.jarvislighting.com
Jarvis Lighting, a leading manufacturer of LED commercial lighting, began when its owner, Kirby Corkill, set out on a quest to help his father. “I was home from college on winter break, and I talked to my Dad, who’s an electrical contractor,” explains Kirby. “He had just put up some LED lights, but they weren’t good, and they were really expensive. He asked me to find him a better product. So, I found two things. First, the future market for LED’s was going to be humongous, and second, there weren’t very many good products on the market.”

That was 2011. Not long after, Kirby was purchasing Jarvis Corp from his uncle, which was incorporated in 2002, and changing it to Jarvis Lighting. Today, Jarvis Lighting occupies a 20,000 sq. foot building in Elk Grove. Its product is used by companies such as the USPS, McDonalds, Mobil, Shell, Dunkin Donuts, and UPS, and its lighting can be found as far away as Guatemala, Venezuela, Alaska, and Europe.

The uniqueness of this successful entrepreneurship can be summed up in the company’s slogan, “Bright Done Right.” Kirby says, “It’s the slogan and the vision. For a customer, if they’re asking for a security light, everyone knows what ‘right’ is. If it’s a place that needs to be safe...if it’s bright enough to be safe, that’s right. From our customer standpoint, if that light fixture works reliably and saves them a ton of energy, then it’s done right. From a contractor’s perspective, if that light fixture ships on time so they can complete the project on time…so they can do their job successfully…then it’s done right.”

With a focus on quality, reliability and convenience, the company has experienced profound growth, something Kirby says is the result of genuine team effort. This can be especially seen in its patent-pending design which was launched this year. “I’m proud of Jarvis XBEAM. I’m not the only one listed on the patent application. It’s the first team development.”

At the heart of Kirby’s vision for his company is hiring people who like to help other people, a philosophy which not only serve the company well, but impacts its customers directly. “With our lights, you get more for less money. You are getting both product quality and reliable product support. We try not to put anything extra into our product that doesn’t do something valuable. We have lights that cost less than our competitors because it has a better design. We don’t skimp on quality, but you truly get more value for less money with our product.